Frequently asked Questions

Where can I park my car?

In Kienberg-Gaming and Lunz am See you have plenty of parking space, but unfortunately not at the stops in Gaming, Pfaffenschlag, Holzapfel and Lunz Amonhaus.

How do I get from the VOR-Bus-stop to the museum railway at Kienberg-Gaming station?

At "Kienberg bei Gaming Nostalgiebahnhof"-bus-stop cross the street. Our platform is just next to the street. A precise description and a public-transport-map is on our german site "Anreise".

Is it possible to take bikes, baby buggies and wheelchairs on board?

We can load bikes, baby buggies and wheelchairs along our space limitations in our trains. Please consider that our fleet consists of historical carriages which were not built accessible at the time of its construction. Objects which are wider than 60cm can be only loaded in limited capacity on the due to the limitation of the doors. Additionally our carriages have high steps at the doors. We are not having any technical mechanism or support for disabled persons trying to board our carriages.

Do I have to book in advance?

Normally it is not necessary, but if you want to travel as a group of more than 4 persons, we recomend to a reservation via E-Mail.

How much does a trip cost?

Please refer to fare section of the german fare page.

Can I get a discount?

Discounts can be only given to guests obtaining the "Wilde Wunder Card". With the "Wilde Wunder Card" you have to pay the on-way-fare for the whole round trip. For detailed information about fares refer to respective section of the german fare page.

Is the ÖBB-Vorteilscard / the Klimaticket / the Niederösterreich-CARD valid on the Ybbs Valley museum railway?

The Niederösterreich-CARD, the ÖBB-Vorteilscard, the Klimaticket and further public transport cards and tickets are not valid on the Ybbs Valley museum railway and you have to pay the regular fares.

Do I have to return with the same train? / Can I make a stop-over?

You can take any train you want for your return journey or make stop-overs at any station on the line as long as you finish your trip on the same day.

Where can I get food and drinks? / Are there restaurants nearby?

All our trains conduct a bar waggon where you can enjoy cold beverages, hot coffee, snacks and regional specialities. Further we there offer souvernirs, postcards, books and magazines from our museum railway.

Our train station "Gasthaus Zur Paula" is situated directly beside the inn "Gasthaus zur Paula". Within walking distance of the stations Kienberg-Gaming, Gaming and Lunz am See there are plenty of restaurants waiting for your visit. Many of them are listed in our information folder, which can be downloaded on the bottom of the german timetable page.

Can I visit the engine shed / the workshop?

A visit of our engine shed and the workshop is currently not possible. If you have questions about our locos and carriages don't hestitate to ask our trains staff.

Can I rent a Ybbs Valley Railway Train?

You can rent your own Ybbs Valley Railway Train at nearly every time from Spring to Autumn. Further informations are available on our german site „Sonderzüge“ or via E-Mail.

How can I support the Ybbs Valley Railway?

You can support our association's voluntary work with a donation or with a promotional membership in our association. The annual membership fee is 30€ and it is an important contribution to the further operation and preservation of the museum railway. As a member you will recieve every two month our electronic german newsletter "Lokalbahn-Aktuell" which informs you about all acitivities on our both museum railways - the Ybbs Valley Railway and the Hell Valley Mountain Railway. For application forms and further informations don't hesitate to contact our railway staff, visit our german information site or send us an e-mail to